The Rebels Of Chaos

Forces of Chaos unite under the rebel flag!

Welcome, New Members!

AQ has put in an official place for guild sites so we are moving! The Go to Guild Hub button in the guild manager in-game links to the new official site. Everyone please register there and claim your characters. (And please don't claim others' characters.) 



Guild Story

Drakath has taken over the chaotic armada and forgotten about us, so it's time to give him a little reminder...
Chaos style! *taps a rubber weasel against her palm*
We are going to take the chaotic realm back and show him who's really in charge!!!
We are The Rebels of Chaos and we WILL teach Drakath a thing or two about real madness!

Requirements to Join:

To join you must be level 30+, have the chaotic shadows armor (we can help), and... have a good sense of humor (yes, we require it!)

Current Mission:

Our Current Mission, should you chose not to follow Vlad and accept it (lol),
is to take out Drakath and his chaos lords and have fun along the way.

Main Server: Yorumi